Our Management Program

Flexway vacations is a Property Management Company. We are proud to offer exceptional first-class service which is unsurpassed in the industry. We recognize that each home and owner have individual requirements, we provide a customized service for your personal requirements, ensuring you have satisfied guests that will return again and again.

Owning a vacation home in Florida is a great experience, and the Flex Away Vacations Vacation Rentals would like to help make that experience as problem free as possible. We ensure your home and your guests receive the best care and attention available, you can be assured that your investment is in safe hands, and that your guests go home having experienced a fantastic service.

Some homeowners ask us to find new bookings and fill those unwanted gaps. We provide online bookings for your home; any new bookings are updated on our reservation system and our home owners web site availability calendars in real time.

Our support team are always on hand for the homeowner and its guests. Sometimes things do break down and problems can arise. It may be just a lost key or a plumbing issue. We will be there to make sure your guest’s vacation is second to none!

Lawn Care Services

Our lawn care services are tailored to protect your valuable trees and shrub investments and give your landscape the care it needs to look great!

Pool Care

Our Pool Care services brings high quality, professional service to your swimming pool or spa. Our customers appreciate a consistent level of pool service, reliable repairs, dependable recommendations for equipment, and fully licensed installations. We're here to do everything for your pool or spa. All you do is enjoy! Full Service.

Centralized online reservation and housekeeping system

Our online booking and availability system allows both management company and homeowners to update property availability across all web sites in real time. The system also dispatches cleaning schedules and home inspections. We provide a free dedicated independent web site for your villa. Our web site services include an easy to use Windows interface to manage the look and feel of your site, bookings, pricing and online reservations.

About Flexway Vacations

We strive to provide each and every guest with a great experience during their vacation, and we'll go to great lengths to accomplish this goal.

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